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Strength. Protection.

The adult male lion is eight feet long. He weighs 450 pounds. He can run 50 miles per hour. He has 650 pounds per square inch of bite strength. In combat, he is massively formidable. He has just one job: Protect the pride. Persons facing legal challenges also need protection. LLOYD LEGAL, LLC, is a broad-spectrum small town law firm. We also have just one job: Protect our clients.

Success Brings Challenges Too.

Anyone who has succeeded in life knows that success brings its own set of challenges. The transactional practice of LLOYD LEGAL, LLC, stands ready to help you navigate those challenges and protect you and your interests. We offer services in business formation, real estate transactions, wills, trusts, estates and probate.

Our Attorney

Scott C. LloydScott C. Lloyd is a 24-year veteran litigator. Scott retired from the District Attorney’s Office for Cherokee and DeKalb Counties in 2020 after a long career of intense litigation experience.... Scott believes he has logged more hours in the courtroom over the past 24 years than any other lawyer in Cherokee County or DeKalb County. Scott graduated cum laude from the prestigious University of Georgia School of Law, where he won awards in Advanced Trial Advocacy and Bankruptcy. Scott is a member of the State Bar of Georgia, and therefore can help clients with their legal matters in Georgia as well.

Scott received his B.A. from Auburn University in Economics, summa cum laude and as a University Honors Scholar. Scott graduated from Plainview High School in Rainsville, Alabama. Scott has been called on to train other lawyers and law enforcement officers in many fields, including Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Search and Seizure, and Family Law. Scott’s wife, Laura, also is a lawyer and is a great resource and asset to Scott. They live in Centre.

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